Wooden Cutting Board Construction Types

Kitchen Products

We only use native Wisconsin hardwoods to craft our cutting boards and kitchen accessories. Why? Because these woods are local and environmentally sustainable. Northern hardwoods have a tighter grain, and are more appropriate for things like cutting boards. 

Hardwood cutting boards are more eco-conscious than other materials, especially bamboo. Click HERE for some interesting facts about bamboo.

Our boards are available in a variety of sizes and types, so there’s one to suit every task, every kitchen, and every chef.

We offer custom monogramming on all our Professional and Gourmet series boards, which make them absolutely wonderful wedding/anniversary/birthday gifts!

Wooden cutting boards are completely safe for all foods, including meat. In fact, studies show that wooden boards do not harbor bacteria like plastic cutting boards do. Click HERE to learn more.

All our products are finished with nothing but food grade mineral oil, a completely non-toxic and inert material. All they require for care is gentle washing and periodic oiling.


Professional Series Butcher Block Cutting Boards

The ULTIMATE board, for the most discriminating chefs! Crafted only from native Wisconsin hard rock (sugar) maple!

Gourmet Series Hardwood Cutting Boards

Offered in multiple species, these boards are as beautiful as they are functional and long-lasting! They are the workhorses of any kitchen!


"Little Buddy" Cheese Boards

These personal-sized boards are a wonderful complement to our larger boards. Available in multiple species, you'll reach for this super-handy little buddy time and time again!